Week 1: Brainstorming & Ideation!

Each of us came up with a concept of how the electric vehicle will look like and they are as follow:

  • Anissa:
  • Guan Yang:
  • Zi Jian:

Through the sharing and evaluating of various ideas from everyone, we came up with this initial design of our team’s electric vehicle!

So why this design? Some of the questions we asked ourselves are:

  • Should the vehicle be 3-wheeler or a 4-wheeler?
  • What should the seating position be like?
  • How is the steering system going to be like?
  • Should the vehicle be front-wheel driven or back-wheel driven?

We decided on a 3-wheeler due to reasons such as higher maneuverability and lesser stresses on the structure of the vehicle when turning. When a 4-wheeler is doing a turn, one of the fixed wheel at the back will experience much more friction as it is fixed and has a larger turning radius. A 3-wheeler this will help to reduce this problem with one one fixed wheel at the back, not two. This also helps to save cost as we need only to install one motor to the single wheel without the need for a differential gear. Lesser parts translate to lighter weight and a higher efficiency for the vehicle!

For the seating position, we decided that the position of a go-kart-er will be the most intuitive as it is most comfortable to drive the vehicle this way. The same concept applies for the steering system which we will adopt a steering wheel with acceleration and brake pedals.

We decided on a rear-wheel drive with the primary reason being that it is mechanically complex to have a motor at the front with the steering wheels. Another reason is that as the driving force will be generated from the back, it provides a better traction as well as a more comfortable ride when compared to a front-wheel drive in which the driving force is generated at the front and the rest of the vehicle starts to move backwards to conserve momentum (Newton’s 3rd Law).

So far this is only the skeleton of the vehicle and we are looking into a more unique design for our electric vehicle. Stay tuned! (:

Some inspirations:

English: The Rover model features a higher sea...

The Rover model features a higher seat, tighter turning radius, easy adjustability and simple assembly / dis-assembly to allow for easy transport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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