Week 5: Working towards a rolling frame

Hi guys!! So we got till next Friday, 26 July, until our rolling frame is due!!

So far, we may be behind time as we wanted to send our parts for waterjetting today, but weren’t able to make it by the 4pm deadline.. 

In any case, we will continue to refine and CAD out remaining parts such as the seat, the brake and the rear wheel assembly. Then, we plan to waterjet everything next Tuesday, so that we can assemble on Friday! 

On another random topic, in order to improve our steering system, we approximated for Ackerman steering geometry. This did not need to involve any crunching of numbers, but we simply adjusted the dimensions of our steering parts, by checking our angles on Solidworks and using general rules-of-thumb. Once accounted for, the inner tire will turn a greater angle than the outer tire, which minimizes the sideways slip of tires when our vehicle makes a turn.



A general rule of thumb is that the lines from the steering kingpins to the steering pivot points on each side, when projected, will intersect at the centre of the rear axle. Something that we achieved with our steering, give and take one degree. 




Another thing we could do is to draw concentric circles which imitate the path of our vehicle as it turns. We then check that the inner and outer wheels are turning at the appropriate angle; tangent to its corresponding circular path!

Enough with the steering. Next up we have our seat. We are planning to make one out of wood, and it will be adjustable! More updates soon.. Stay tuned! =) 





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